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Tired of waiting for your dog do do his business?

Have you ever waited while your dog wandered and sniffed around, not doing his business? Those 2 am dog walks? Standing in your robe in the blowing snow?  Ever wished you could just tell your dog to get his potty break done?

Well you can!

Have you ever heard the phrase, "a dog's life is his most important work"? Well, for many dogs being a household pet is their first and foremost job. So if you thought having a household pet was restrictive or difficult, just wait until you know what it's like to have one that actually does his job properly! 

Eliminating on command is an extremely useful skill for any dog. It's also something that can be developed at any stage in his development. You see, like us humans, dogs are born with the ability to eliminate on command – only a few days of simple training required! Read on to find out how this skill can be taught your dog and how you can support him in learning it.

What is elimination on command?
Elimination is the process by which a dog excretes waste from his or her body. When you teach your dog to eliminate on command, you're essentially training him to eliminate when *you* want. Now, this may sound difficult but with a simple method of associating a potty command with the act of elimination, your dog or puppy over 6 weeks old will learn to eliminate on command (or PPC- pee/poop on command) in less than a week.

Why is elimination on command important?
If you're like most people, you probably have a dog who always needs to go out and relieve himself. But what if you could encourage your dog to go outside and empty his bowels not just heading back into the house wondering if he still needs to go? This would help to prevent accidents in the house, and it would also make your life easier. Simply put, Elimination on Command would help your dog to stay on task and eliminate his bowels where he should be. This would not only make your life easier, but it would also help to prevent your dog from becoming a problem. 

Tips for teaching your dog to eliminate on command
Start by choosing your command word or phrase. It can be simple like “Eliminate” “Discharge” or a longer  phrase like “potty-now”. It's best to choose a phrase of less than 3 syllables and not in your everyday use, although after a time your dog will learn that the phrase only means eliminate outside. My own dog does not react to the word potty, just the phrase “potty-dog”; nor does he react to the phrase while we are in the house.  

Also when choosing a phrase consider that you will need to repeat it several times in a row in the early phases of training so a short phrase that doesn't turn into a tongue twister might work best!

Eliminate on command- Step by step
When you take your dog out on it's regular potty breaks:
 1.    Watch for your dog to signal they are about to potty, by crouching or spinning.
 2.    When the dog is opening anus and eliminating, repeat your trigger phrase over and over,  until the dog is nearly done with his bowel movement. It is important to only repeat the phrase while the dog is actively eliminating.
 3.    Stop repeating command and praise dog after he had done his duty.
 4.    Repeat this 2-3 times the first day or two, on day three, say the command as soon as you reach your potty area,  your dog will begin to crouch and look for a potty spot.
 5.    If they don't respond to the elimination command, repeat steps 1-3 for another day or two.
 6.    Your dog should be fully trained to eliminate on command in less than a week.
 7.    You can apply this to a specific area as well, to help keep your yard green.


If you need more tips and tricks

to deal with those bowel-shy dogs, get Eliminate on Command  


The process of teaching your dog to eliminate on command can seem difficult, but with a little effort, you can make it easier on yourself and your dog. The best way to do this is to always use positive training methods. Since your dog will vastly prefer not making mistakes in the house, you will see an improvement in his behavior and elimination rates the moment you make this change. Besides, your dog will love you even more for making this transition possible!

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